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Zoomcar is a Self-Drive car rental service which allows you to rent cars by the hour, day, week, or month

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" Zoomcar Fraud and Cheating "
Reviewed :
I hired zoomcar for 13 days, 3000 Km in Ahmedabad (booking JPS62CJSU) and had a very bad experince with their staff, call centre and car and now they are not refunding the fuel money to me. Please read through the points and not book zoomcar

1. They take all the money in advance, so I paid everything.

2. At Car Pickup (Ahmedabad, Formula-1 Basement), the staff was very rude, never showed any papers or car condition and asked me to take the car (which was not even washed), the spare t
yre was punctured (and one more tyre was punctured, which I found out afterwords) and I was not even told.

3. I refused to take the car and called the call centre, to which they took sometime (dont know for what) but after 15 minutes they said that there is no other car and the booking cannot be cancelled (no refund, remember they had taken the full amount) (they said they will get the spare tyre punctured repaired, which they did), since I had a long 13 day tour planned and no other option I took the car

4. The cars tyres were in really bad shape and I had 5 punctures in 13 days !! Every second day I had to get it repaired. The fog light was broken, there were loads of scratches on it. The car was not mentained at all.

5. Anyway, when I got back and told them about this, the staff got angry and for spite he said 'he will claim damages'. So for some imaginary thing I am being claimed Rs.2000 in 'car damage'.

6. I refuled the car four times (Rs.2000 each) and submitted all the original cash recipts from the petrol pump (which is Rs.8000). From this they have re-imbursed only Rs.6000

7. So they have cut Rs.4000 and now when I called them (call centre), they are saying that they will not give me the Rs.4000 back.

I am not sure what has happened to ZoomCar. I have booked it before and (a few years back, when they started) it looked like a professional company back then, but now it was a very bad experience (at least the Ahmedabad Zoom car). If you are still reading this, please avoid Zoomcar and save yourself to deal with these un-professional people, who when questioned resort to cheating.

Shopped at ZOOMCAR.com : February, 2018
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