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Reviewed : Aug 19, 2015
" Cheating by Uber "
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Hello Guys,
Here I am telling you another story of the fraud by Uber cab services.
Tomorrow, I signed up for the uber cab service on my android mobile & used the promo code “SHOPPIRATE” which was applied successfully on Uber App platform. The screen showed me that, I am eligible for Rs. 450 free cab service for the first ride.
After some hours, I used the cab service via cash payment method. I was surprised to know that they charged me for the whole fair without giving any benefit
for the promo code.
When I wrote to Uber support about this, then their representative (Miss Chanda) simply said,” it appears the usage of this promotion is in violation of Uber's Terms of Service.”
But when I told them that why you accepted the promo code at the first time, if your terms & conditions didn’t allow it, I got a new mail from a different representative (Mr Ayush) telling me the same thing in a long phrase, but my question was again that why they accepted that promo code at the first place?
Moreover they also didn’t intimate me regarding the invalidation of promo code before using the cab service. Now if not a fraud, then what else should I call this?
This complaint is not regarding money issue, but regarding the faith we do on service providers like Uber (without seeing their long terms & conditions) due to their known reputation in the world. But every time what we get is a cheap business tactics to rob innocent people.
So guys, beware of the big ads about free rides from Uber cab. It was my first experience on Uber cab & all I can say that it was not good.

Nikhil Singla,
M. No. 9878165969

Shopped at : August, 2015
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