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Reviewed : Aug 23, 2015
" Win-Win Situation. "
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Hi Guys,

It's my second experience on air. I am basically from Ferozepur(Punjab) and studying in Chandigarh.
So, this time I got a chance to visit Titan Eye+ Showroom located at Sector-17, Chandigarh as I need to buy a new pair of Spectacles.
on my first visit, I got little late & Showroom was closed.
So, at 2nd time,I finally got to select a handsome frame and some powerful lenses.
After trying some different frames, I finally selected a Titan fra
me and made my choice to buy it.
I selected Titan lenses & told him my Eye-Sight but after some time, they said It will be given to you tomorrow And the next day, I had to leave for my hometown for 2-3 months.
So,i told him the reason & asked him to do something.
But they were stick to their arguement.
I finally agreed with them and asked them to finalize it by tomorrow.
The next day, when I Went over there, they said that our expert is on leave & We can't give it today also.
It blew my mind but they handled the situation very calmly & gave 10% discount to me And also gave me the surity to deliver the product at my home(Ferozepur) within 3 days without any charges.
I agreed to that and paid my bill.
And i was very happy to see that, they stood by their words & delivered me the product at the right time.

So,it became a Win-Win Situation for me.
Hope You guys Like it.
Thank You.

Shopped at : July, 2015
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