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115-117, Sector I, Govindupura, Govindpura Industrial Area, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462023
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Reviewed : Jul 5, 2022
" Avoid! Teaklab is scam, Fraud & looters "
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I was looking to buy a chair for my daughter to study in her study table. While researching on Google I came across this website.
it was well polished and beautifully architected website with photos of furniture professionally taken. Photos were too good like the website. Trusting the website I foolishly without researching about the website teaklab, I just went on to purchase a expensive teak chair for Rs.10,000. I made advance payment through my credit card because they
don?t allow COD option cunningly. I grew suspicious about this website when after 15 days I didn?t receive any SMS or update about the chair being transported. They don?t have any customer service, all their phone numbers don?t reach up to any person and only one WhatsApp number 7389996717 is working and only one person who takes care of it and he calls himself as Aaron and the owner as Aristo(all wrong names). After continuously following up with Him on WhatsApp he always says it will take few months to manufacture(sounds stupid, who makes chair after orders) it will take few more weeks and few more weeks but he never gives a exact date or a photo of a finished chair.
Now it?s end of 4 months and when I ask him when the chair would come?? he?s says factory is burnt n they are in loss and won?t be able to fulfill my chair shipment. When I made a video call he just showed me some outskirts of a factory with sheds fallen and burnt. It was joke n trying to fool us showing some absurd burnt place n calling it their factory. I googled and also checked YouTube and there was no such news or accident in Govindpura. Now he says he will try to send my refund at the earliest. And I know it?s a lie and will never get my hard earned money from these jerks and lechers . This is just to help other peoples avoid this fraud website . i am attaching my order and chats with

Shopped at : March, 2022
Order ID : 1XXX0
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