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Vivekananda Varsham
Reviewed : Jun 25, 2016
" Seriously!!! never go for it "
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Hi All,

I came to mumbai for job purpose and I thought its not a good idea to go for any flat with brokerage so I have got relax plan of Rs.1999 from no before I bought the plan I called them to get the details on how it actually works. they told there will be a relationship manager who is famous in the area, he will get the details of owner's and will arrange for meeting and will see to registration as well if needed. I thought it will be good and took it. they assigned "S
heik touhid" as relationship manager, I spoke to him and told him my requirement, he did not understand the place names and western line, central line, etc which I was explaining him about mumbai. I got a doubt that he is not from mumbai so I asked him, where is he from, he told he is from banglore and he will see the owner details listed on site and suggest me whom to go for meeting by arranging a meeting with the owner. I was like "WTF" I can do that myself why do I need to pay for this guy who sits in banglore who doesnt know anything about mumbai or its places. I asked for refund. the next day itself. i.e 14th may 2016 I paid them, 17th may 2016 I raised request for refund. they told they will initiate payment. after 5 days I asked for status of it, they told they will intiate the payment, it happened like this for whole 40 days, and till now its the same, they did not refund my money yet and today is 25th of june 2016. still I am waiting for refund.

So I suggest never go for this site, they are just sitting their to grab peoples money who come new to place. brokers are even better atleast they give some amount back but is not giving a single penny and harrasing without telling the status of refund. they are just useless creatures in this world who suck money out of people and give them mental pain.

Shopped at : May, 2016
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