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Reviewed : Mar 4, 2023
" Worst moving & packing experience "
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To start off, nobroker is only an aggregator so you will need to deal with their partner ie mover & packer vendor. After making the booking, the partner team is barely prepared - they were not aware of locations/timings/inventory list. They showed up with only 1 truck even though 2 were committed. They even ran short of foam sheets that are used to pack furniture.

Nobroker salesmen/inspection team will give very competitive pricing and unrealistic timelines just to ensure that you bo
ok from them. I showed the entire house (even opened each cupboard to show small items) and was promised that work will be finished in one day. After spending the entire day only 50% packing was done and thats when the partner asked for extra payment to finish the job the next day. Upon escalation, my movement manager assigned by nobroker explained that the partner did not cause any delay only that items were too many (this is after they did a home visit and saw the items with their own eyes)

Luckily I had only paid a small token amount and had some leverage, so after the hassle of many calls and emails, they agreed to finish the job after a gap of 3 days. On the 2nd trip they arrived 2 hours late and were in general very casual with the furniture and glassware. Here is a link with photos of all my damaged furniture -

The partner team said its too late and they're tired so I agreed to do the unpacking myself of some 70 carton boxes. They asked for a security deposit of 60 rupees per box and said that once I am done unboxing them they will come and collect them and return my money. When I called them later, they made excuses for a week before they stopped answering my calls. When I would use a different phone number, they would answer and again make some lame excuse. This includes multiple employees of Suncity Movers & Packers along with the owner. Now nobroker is also AWOL without any compensation for my broken cargo or any update regarding my security deposit.

I hope you learn from my experience, stay away from Nobroker and Suncity Movers & Packers, Gurgaon. And ensure that you never pay in advance/ensure that all precious cargo goes in your car only.

Shopped at : February, 2023
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