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Reviewed : Apr 29, 2021
" Fraudulent site!!!Do not place your orders "
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I placed my order on 10th of March 2021 for an amount of 7400 ( 3 dresses) and they promised to deliver it within 10days as I wanted it for a occasion. In fact when I checked after 15 days they said the dresses are couriered. Again after a week of not receiving the parcel when I checked they claimed that a dress was damaged and the parcel was returned back from the courier service. They reiterated that they can send 2 dresses at the moment and the other later. Though I was tired of follow ups I insisted that I will wait till the other piece is done and would want to recieve all the dresses together.To which they agreed and asked me to trust them with the assurance that if they are not able to send they will refund the money. Again with the series of follow up they sent me a picture of the two parcels together n said they have cello taped and in turn gave me a single consignment number. After 4 days I get a message stating that one of packs are returned as they have not addressed it so they will readdress once received and recourier the same. The next day after messaging I recieve a new slip to which even after a 3-4 days the consignment details were not available. Again I communicate with them to which they said the courier service has stopped shipping n they will send the parcel through some other service. All in all it was a good 45 days I recieve the first parcel to find only 1 outfit in it. There is no comparison to the outfit recieved . The quality was horrible and the dress did not have the flare it showed. It looked too very ordinary to be worn. When I sent the images of the dress they said they will replace / provide me a new piece in the same price band. Instead of again following up and receiving a piece which can?t be worn I requested them to forget the piece I received rather refund the remaining 4.5k +( balance dresses) to which they said they do not have the refund policy.They assured me that I will not be disappointed with the rest of the pieces and will have to wait. I have purchased outfits from many sites but never recieved any outfit of this kind nor did I undergo the stress of this kind. I request customers to exercise caution before making payments /placing orders on this site.The site promotes bulk payments of 10k with offers please do not get carried away with the immediate response u get initially and then they fool the customers. There are many negative reviews about the site wherein many customers were taken for a ride and again the positive reviews are just fake to create a impression.Till date it?s been almost 2 months I have my balance payment of 5k pending with them. A copy of photo of the outfit recieved and outfit posted on site is also attached below.

Shopped at : March, 2021
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