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Reviewed : Dec 28, 2020
" i will be honest "
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I will be honest, I was a little miffed initially because I did not get my order in time, and that did upset me, but the customer care executives reassured me and helped me through my fears. I received my package today, a bit later than expected since the clothes are made to order (at least mine was). The quality is undoubtedly really good. I washed it when I got the kurta and pajama set and it did not bleed any colour and is of really good quality.

If you have bought something from t
hem and you have not received it, all I would say is that remain patient, you WILL get it. I was scared but I did get my package today and it did make me realise that I might have not been patient enough.

If you are looking for quality clothes, for a good price and you are getting the service at your door step, the least we can do is be a little patient. That is what I have learnt.

Even though my initial experience wasn't so great, I am realising that I will be buying from them again definitely, because there is no denying that the clothes are great. Just got to remember that there is a human being at the other end as well.

Thanks Nirbaani, and sorry to have judged you so harshly.

Shopped at : December, 2020
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