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Reviewed : Apr 6, 2016
" Horrible. Waste of time "
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The website claims all kinds of discounts and a wide range of medicines. I thought I should try to buy my mother’s medicine online and this was my first attempt which turned out to be a disaster. I placed the order via netmeds website with order number NMS160402426280W dt: April 2, 2016 and made the payment in advance since it was promised that I will be given an unbelievable 20% discount + 5% cash back for making the payment in advance.

I placed my order and sent the prescription
from Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi through WhatsApp several times. However, every time I got a message that the prescription is not clear, later I have been informed that the medicine I have ordered are not in the prescription and I had been asked to send the prescription through e-mail. I followed the instructions and sent the prescription through e-mail again I got the similar message saying medicines I have ordered for are not in the prescription.

However, my mother is under treatment of these hospitals for the last 3 years and the medicines are lifelong and have not changed much over the years. I again sent them the prescription in PDF as well as JPGE format; also I uploaded the prescription over the website; during all this communication with the Netmeds staff I have been asked to get a prescription prepared with them with a cost of INR 400/- and with my continuous follow-ups they approved my prescription and raised a fresh purchase order with the medicines and to my surprise they included the medicines which were neither ordered by me nor ever prescribed by my consulting physician. Finally, I not waste my time cancelled my order.

I request everyone to be aware of this online fraud. It is nevertheless to mention I have not received my money back yet

Shopped at : April, 2016
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