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Aditi Sirdeshpande
Reviewed : Jan 27, 2016
" Worst Experience EVER ! "
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If you are starting up, and looking for help in company formation, obviously you'd want professional help to put things in place.
Indiafilings - their website depicts a false impression on their services.

Let me share my experience in detail.

- they promise that LLP will be incorporated in 21 working days : UNFORTUNATELY it has taken more than 5 months in my case.
- Their employee Ms.Preethy committed mistake while registering, I had to pay Rs.3000 extra as I had no other option.
- D
uring the trademark registration process, their executive tells me (after 3 months) that I cannot use the final company name. Obviously a panic situation is created. After a lot of to and fro with the team, they file a temporary trademark number. I am very sure they wont even notify permanent trademark number.
- I had taken the entire packing including accounting software. Even in this case, their executive tells me that they DO NOT have the license of the software. Ridiculous!!! then why did they charge me for it??
- To top it all, my LLP documents were sent to WRONG address.

Sincere request to anyone who is planning to approach them for start up incorporation, I would suggest PLEASE explore better options. There are many who would do it professionally. Do NOT think Indiafilings is the only option.

Biggest mistake of my life - INDIAFILINGS !

Shopped at : September, 2015
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