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Find 135,000+ short term accommodation and holiday homes at your travel destinations in India and throughout the world at best prices with free luxury benefits.
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" Fake Company,Looting the cusomters. "
Reviewed :

I did a booking of hotel for 24th dec for 1 day & night via, one of trustworthy app all across world.
The hotel which we got "hotel white shimla" via a third party "" which was listed over "" portal.

There are major blunders done by "".

The total price (inclusive of everything) mentioned on "" portal was Rs. 3,664 for "Superior Deluxe Double or Twin Room" including "breakfast"
which was ofcourse the listing done b
y "" over there.

What did that :-

1. They charged us Rs.4324 which is Rs 660 more than the price mentioned on "".
2. They degrade our room also from "Superior Deluxe Double or Twin Room" to "Simple Deluxe Room" without balcony. Although they promised us to provide "Premium Room".
3. After doing the payment, i also got 14-15 mails & sms that you payment is not completed, please pay Rs. 4324 otherwise your booking will cancel.
After some day, i also got the booking cancelletation mail.
4. In the booking, it was mentioned that breakfast is included but the Guesthouse's customer support guy makes us to pay for breakfast also.
5. We asked customer support guy to let us talk with the manager but the manager refuse to talk to us.
6. Here is the the bigger blunder, the actual cost of room was Rs. 2464. But they charged us Rs. 4324, almost double.

Now the question is, what the fuck this "" company is doing.
They are simply looting the customer by making fake promises and charging way more than actual price. Their customer support manager is so irresponsible that
he didn't even care to talk. I don't know, if company is paying him for this thing than what was more import for him at that time. I thing, he might be busy with his

Here is details
Booking id = "E383N"
Hotel Name = "Hotel White Shimla"

Shopped at : December, 2017
Order ID : EXXXN
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