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Sagar Patel
Reviewed : Jun 11, 2016
" Don;t Open Account in This Exporter india "
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I got fooled, I should have read other reviews earliers.Actually what are fraudsters I will explain it in points:-

1. We will give you a website, yes they give you the website but they don't give you the password of domain.if buy chance website is helping you with your business name and you don't want to pay exporters india then they will blackmail you for getting your own website.

2. As I had contacted some of leads given by them, some are wrong no , some say they have no such busin
ess and some give you response but will not give you address and other details of there business.

3. Don't ever stand on their words, will say 1 year plan you have and the next day you will be asked to renew it to 3 years.

4.When u as a business will say no to their don type sales executive, they will starting changing colours first they will shout after their if you agree to pay then OK otherwise abuse level will come.

5. One point I noted that no where on Google you will get to find who is owner, director of this company. He is just making Indian fools.

6.I don't believe one can write positive reviews for them, they are people associated with company.

7.Govt if you can find it pls take appropriate action against them, I am not alone there are many out there

8. One recommendation give money as charity instead of giving to them

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