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Reviewed : Apr 29, 2016
" Beware of Doormint. Fraudulent company "
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Beware of Doormint.

These guys are cheap and do not know how to do their job.

I had placed an order for washing and ironing of clothes. They damaged my new branded jeans completely. After receiving the items, I found out that my jeans was torned out and has two big holes. Looks like the jeans was stuck in a bolt or something in a machine.

Moreover, they announce that clothes will be washed and ironed. Whereas, the stuff received back was not ironed at all.

They have fixed rate slab
and not per kg rate (as they mention), that means if you handover 3 kg…they will charge you either for 5 kg or 7 kg.

The detergent they use gives a foul smell (Vomiting like). They don't offer to add fabric softener or fragrance tabs.

Try calling customer care and find out that they remain busy throughout, try lodging a complaint and you won't get an answer for days and weeks.

No contact address is mentioned in your city where they provide services and they don't inform you where your clothes are being sent for washing. Seems they are an integrator and sends to a third party outlet for washing. Therefore, no liability on the company (check their terms and conditions).

100% Fradulent company. Stay off at all cost if you value peace of mind.

Shopped at : April, 2016
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