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Reviewed : Mar 10, 2015
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Today I am here to tell you about the worst online buying experience of my lifetime on
On 25th Feb, I received an email from with an exclusive voucher worth Rs. 500 with a tag of “No Conditions”. It was a good offer so I went on & made an order (Three Items) of Rs. 500 approx. via order no. 165818. They charged me extra Rs. 55 as shipment charges, which was completely fine.
Then after few days they split the order into two parts & dispatched the Fir
st part (Two Items) via order No. 175937 which reached to me on 5th march (the ninth day after placing the order). I waited for the second part (order no. 175938) hoping it must be in the way but they don’t shipped that order at all.
Tomorrow on 9th march I got a call from some guy from dogspot telling me that the product which is pending in the order is not available with them & they can’t make delivery of that product. When I told him that it has been many days since I placed the order & you are telling me now that you have not the availability, In-spite of feeling sorry for the delay & cancellation of the half order, he started arguing like hell with me that it has not been ten days since I placed the order & he questioned on the overall order saying that “the coupon was only eligible for the overall order of Rs. 1000 & it was a technical glitch on their website that made it possible for me to pay for the order only Rs. 55. He also said that if they wanted they can also cancel my whole order like they have done to other similar orders”. He said that partial payment of Rs. 23(out of Rs. 55 shipment charges) will be refunded to my bank account & the rest part of the order (i.e Rs. 160 order which was charged against Rs. 500 coupon) will be forfeited.
During talking with him, I felt like that he was arrogantly saying that it was only their pity to pay the half order & customers like me can do nothing about them. I was so angry to listen all of this that I put up the phone in half saying that they all are cheaters. But after few hours, I realized that I had not do this.
I am using the online shopping portals like eBay, amazon, shop-clues, snap-deal & many more from many years now & every time there is some dispute, their customer care handle it so softly that the customer never feel like cheated or vulnerable. But this first time I came to situation that I hope that I had not made that order from dogspot.
I also want to ask one more questions from dogspot that if the pending order product (Vitapol Xlarge Mineral Block For Birds Natural - 190 gm) was not available with your supplier then why were you was showing it in stock on 25th Feb on your website making it eligible for customer to purchase the product & on this current date 10th March why it’s still shown as “In Stock” on It shows only that the product is available with you but you don’t want to deliver it & your representative was only speaking lies.
At the end, I want to say you that I do not requested you to offer me that 500 rupees (No Conditions) coupon & it was all mistakes from your side, given that technical glitch on your website, non-available product in the “In Stock” list & informing me after 12 days of making the order. Then why should I suffer, mere because I acted like a decent customer in the whole thing. It was my right to receive an apology from yours side, but instead of that what I received was that arrogant, irresponsible, unethical behavior of your customer representative. It is not a question of money but it was question of a customer respect which forced me to write this long letter about all of this
I would advise all pet lovers to never purchase anything from this worst site.

Nikhil Singla
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