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Reviewed : May 1, 2015
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I have a Dell Inspiron 3521 Laptop with active Home Replacement & Accidental Warranty. But I think that it was the worst purchase of my life, because two of its parts (DVD Writer & LCD Screen) has already faulted. Well on these first two times, dell replaced the part easily, but now again there are problems with my system & dell does not want to replace them & is denying me service by all unfair means.
It has been nine days
since I created a Service Request No. 910067185 for my Dell Inspiron 3521 Laptop (S/N: BHHC102) by calling to the dell technical support.
In the last nine days, my system was checked two times through the diagnostics (bios utility) by the different representatives (First time by Mr Sumeet & Second time by Mr Harvinder) of dell technical support.
Both of them verified the error code given by diagnostic utility & were ready to replace the faulty parts. But they said when they tried to create the replacement request, they were not able to create the request, because my service tag no. BHHC102 has been blocked & they need my purchase bill for unblocking it. Although they did not give any reason for the blocking of my service.
I provided the computerised vat bill for my laptop on 21st April via mail, but till then my service request no. 910067185 was closed by technical support without informing me. I also mailed them to contact me for giving me the service & providing the reason for closing my service request without informing me, but nobody from dell called me.
Then on the 22nd April, I called again to dell technical support & told my problem all over again to Mrs Navneet & finally she verified my bill & told me that she has successfully made a request for replacing the faulty parts of my laptop. This request was also seen by me on the “Support Request Details Dell India Web page” & I have also attached this page in form of html file.
Finally I was thinking that all is done & now I will receive my service, but that satisfaction does not last longer & after 10 minutes their representative Mr Sunil from Mumbai called me & told me that I can’t get the replacement because my Service Tag has been fully blocked. When I asked the reason for this, he first told me that, “I am a dealer & in one of my previous service the faulty parts were found duplicated”.
Then he told another false reason for denying me the service by saying that, “I, as a dealer, declined the service of the technician at my place & technician returned without performing the service. He also asked me that if I have other dell products (Desktops & Laptops) & may be I have ordered the service for these products in past, which have created all this problem.
At this moment I also want all the people to know that how a dell representative given me various false reasons at the same time for persuading me that it was all my fault. But when I told him that I am not a dealer but a final consumer & none of the above that he said is true. I provided him the name & ID (Manoj Kapoor, 978561) of that engineer who performed the previous service (Replacement of faulty dvd writer) at my home. I have also attached the “Repair Order Form” for the replacement of faulty DVD Writer & LCD Screen, which clearly mentions that no such issue was found in my previous service. I have also the call recordings of all the talks with dell representatives, thanks to Automatic Call Recorder Android App.
Then he verified my saying by checking some details on his system & told me that all I said to him seems to be true & he will forward the request for unblocking my service tag to next level & all of this may be a big mistake from their side.
Well I waited for his reply for many hours, but I got no email or call from him or any other dell representative, then finally I escalated my service request no. 910067185 on dell support portal the same day. But I think this also does not works in dell.
Then on 23rd April at evening time, a representative from dell called me & told me that we have forwarded the matter on upper level & we are waiting for a reply from their side.
Then on 24th April also the same thing happened, but I was very angry at this behaviour & I told him to transfer my call to his manager. Then I talked to his floor manager Mr Sachin (Dell, Mumbai) & told him that how the service is being denied to me by giving false reasons. He told me that he agrees to me fully & the first time an authorised dell representative agreed that all this issue is a confusion/mistake from their side & he also seek apology for all the problems. He asked me for more three days by saying that they have already forwarded the issue & by 27th April, my problem will be resolved.
I called on 27th April at evening for knowing the status of my service request & I came to know that the matter is still the same as it was. When I said to this person that I am very much disappointed with the dell technical support & I will escalate the matter with outside authorities, it is then he finally transferred my case to the escalation team.
On 28th April, a person Mr Pawan from dell escalation team called me & asked me again that what is my problem?
Then I told him all the problem (created by dell technical team) once again. He asked for some time to investigate the case & called me after some hours & told me that he will forward the request for unblocking my service tag & that my service tag will be unblocked(repeated answer from all dell persons) either in one day or maximum two days & he further added that he will add the days from 19th April to 28th April (i.e time lost due to delay in service) to my system warranty period.
Here I want to ask dell that is it sufficient that only the time which is wasted by you is added to my warranty time? What will dell do for that time, which I wasted calling & talking to dell team for hours? What will dell do for time my system remains unusable due to dell mistake? After all this mess is all created due to dell person mistake.
He last called me on 29th April repeating the same answer that he is still working on my case & it will take some more time for unblocking my service tag. He said he will not disappoint me.
Today is 1st may & my problem is still not solved & I know for sure that dell not does not want to solve this problem. I think they enjoy harassing their customers like this.
Dell escalation team also did not called after 29th May. So on today I feel helpless & that’s why I am telling all the above on public forum, so that the other people see this & think twice before buying a dell product.
I also want to ask some questions from dell that, “Is there any level of respect for customers in Dell or you are also like other companies who want to harass their customers???
“Are you harassing me only because you simply don’t want to give me the service & want to pass out time so that my warranty time expires???”
If the answer to the above question is yes, then just tell me simply, so that I don’t waste my time waiting for the service & I will also not call again to any dell person.
Now I have lost every hope on dell & I just want to say that given the above experience, I will think over 100000 times before buying a dell product & also asks the others to do so.

Nikhil Singla
M. No. 9878165969
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