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Car Rental: Book cab/car on rent online in India at affordable prices. Our website provides cheap cab/car hire services in all cities of India. Book your cab now!

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" What is the point? "
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Was excited that Avis launched their service in India and started offering self-driven cars. I would like to point out that AVIS is not ready in anyway to offer self-drive services. First, they don't have a counter at the airport, they have an office in the city and they actually send a car to the location you want it at and then later pick it up from the same location. At least that is how it is supposed to work. I found that a little inconvenient but I took the chance and decided to book it.

I rented a car that was supposed to be handed over to me at Hyderabad airport. I was told that 2 hours before the actual handover, I would get an SMS with the driver's name and car details. I landed at the airport and still had not received any info. I called customer support and found out that they were clueless about my situation. They had no car reserved and no driver assigned or car for that matter. They then said that they finally found my reservation and will send a car to the airport in 1 hour. I told them I cannot wait that long, they then offered to arrange a taxi for me to come to the city to their office and pick up the car. I found that pointless, as the whole purpose of having a self-driven car is to be able to go to my meetings directly from the airport. I had no choice but to go with their offer and use their taxi to go to the city office. The taxi driver then asked me to pay Rs.200 to pay parking charges, I found that totally absurd and unfair. The Money was later refunded but the whole experience has been very disappointing and a big let down.

Avis is clearly not ready for service in India and they are ruining their name by providing substandard service like this.

Shopped at AVIS.co.in : February, 2018
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