About Us

About SpotReviews:

Combining social commerce and community reviews to help merchants and consumers connect directly. SpotReviews is a community driven review platform to help consumers share feedback and connect with merchants directly. We strive hard to ensure every review is genuine and un-biased. We work hard to monitor feedback on fake reviews or submissions that have been submitted with the objective of manipulating ratings. Users have the option to flag reviews if they feel reviews are not genuine or are biased.

Benefit to users:

Users can benefit by providing real feedback and reading reviews submitted by other users. User reviews help merchants take note of your concerns and make amends to improve their service. Your reviews can act as an influencer and help other users with their online shopping choices.

Benefit to Merchants:

Merchants can benefit by getting real feedback from users and respond to users concerns or compliments. SpotReviews provides a great platform for merchant's to connect with users and communicate directly. Our fraud monitoring and dispute resolution process ensures only genuine users and honest reviews are listed on the website.


Are the reviews on SpotReviews genuine? How do you ensure that?

We request that users submit order ID's along with their review so we can validate the user. If a merchant raises a concern about a review, we use the order ID (with documented proof) to validate the user/review.

What if I feel a review is not genuine?

Users have the option to flag reviews that they feel are biased, fake or manipulated to improve or hurt a stores rating. Our moderators also watch out for flags and submission policy violations to ensure only genuine reviews are approved. Any review/user found violating our submission policy would be barred from using the site and reviews deleted.

Do you modify reviews?

No, we do not modify reviews or correct typos. Only the user who submitted the original review has this option, he/she has the option to edit a review and re-submit it. Our moderators have the option to approve or reject a review (if it violates our websites terms and conditions).

Can companies request a review be deleted?

No, but a company/merchant can flag a review for moderation if it is found violating our submission guidelines.

When will my reviews be published?

Every submitted review is held for moderation and approved or blocked in accordance with the submission guidelines.

To get in touch with us please email support@spotreviews.in



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